Download Null’s Brawl with Otis – for iOS and Android (44.226)

An update to our private server Null’s Brawl with Otis is out, a few days after the official update.

Not our fastest update, but we managed to release a new brawler and game mode at once. Otis is a new chromatic brawler who has unique abilities, so it was necessary to fit them into the general logic of battle. We managed to do this, there will probably be bugs, but with your feedback we will quickly fix everything. Also a lot of cosmetic improvements, such as skins or decorations, as well as sound accompaniment in the game. All of this is already available on our server for Android and iOS devices.

Null’s Brawl 44.226

Nulls Brwal 44.226

As you may have noticed, the official server has not yet updated Brawl Pass, so the new brawler is not yet in the game. But on our server, you can not only play Otis, but apply him a new skin (Faraotis).

Otis on the server

We managed to implement 2 gadgets and 2 star powers at once, including gear. Each of them works identically to the original version. If there are any differences, we will definitely fix it. For this reason, after the update, go straight to the store, select the box with the unlocked brawlers, then improve them. After not difficult manipulation you will have all the brawlers, with skins, gadgets, star powers and equipment at the max level.

Added 2 skins from Brawl Pass and paid, as well as added a series of images BT21. Each skin is available on the server absolutely free and for everyone. In addition to the interesting images, new gold and silver skins have been added. The total number of skins for brawlers is already counted in hundreds.

What else is interesting? Of course sprays and pins! They have appeared a lot, on the official server will appear gradually, we have them all available. New pins are available for brawlers, as well as exclusive.

What else is new?

  • Added chromatic brawler – Otis (damage dealer)
  • New skins.
  • Added new game mode to general map rotation – Hunters
  • Added new maps.
  • Fresh balance change.
  • Penny remodel.
  • New season 13 of Brawl Pass (Deep Sea Brawl)
  • New animated pins and sprays
  • New profile icons
  • Balance changes
  • New sounds and artwork
  • Small improvements


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