Null's Brawl with Otis - When? (v.44)_result

Null’s Brawl with Otis – When? (v.44.226)

No sooner had Brawl Talk passed than the questions started pouring in, when did Null’s Brawl with Otis?

Looking ahead we decided to notify you that the update with the new brawler will not be released until the update itself will be released on the official server.

Otis on Null’s Brawl

Отис на Null's Brawl

Otis is a chromatic brawler that will appear in the null season. This brawler will have the unique ability to use his super and block all attacks and gadgets to the opponent. It will require some to implement the logic of combat.

What else is new?

  • New skins
  • New sprays and pins.
  • Mysterious mode, after the update we will consider adding it to the rotation of all modes.
  • Everything that is connected with league, we will add it if possible.
  • The client version will be 44.226

Keep in mind that the new version will be available on our website and on social networks. The latest version can be downloaded from the link below.

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