Rules of the Null’s Brawl Server

Each of our servers has certain rules to follow. Otherwise, your account can be banned without giving a reason. In any case, always maintain respect for each other and you will be happy.

What is forbidden at the Null’s Brawl server?

  • In the club chat, is forbidden to advertise third-party websites and groups.
  • It is forbidden to use inappropriate and offensive nicknames.
  • Modification of internal server files is prohibited, without the permission of the developers.

What we do not recommend doing?

Do not create multiple accounts, this is not an official server and we do not guarantee the safety of each account.

Ban on the server

Null’s Brawl server administrators are not obliged to tell you the reason for banning. If you got a ban, it has its own reasons. If you do not agree, write to us, perhaps we will reconsider our decision.