The Null’s Brawl server has accelerated commands. With them, you can quickly open all the brawlers and immediately update them. At the moment, only 6 commands have been added to the server, but they are enough for you by now.
Also, if you are already the owner of a preliminary version of our private server, then premium features will be available to you. At the moment they are under development and in the near future we will tell about them in the news section of our website.

Accelerated commands:

  • /help – learn available commands on the server;
  • /unlock – unlock all brawlers;
  • /full – upgrade all brawlers to the maximum level;
  • /clean – reset the account to the initial level (the fighters are also deleted);
  • /status – learn information about the server (version, online players);
  • /addscore – add 85 trophies for each brawler;
  • /latency – this command allows you to know your latency to the server, the maximum and minimum in milliseconds.

How to use commands and where to enter them?

Commands on the Null’s Brawl

To use the commands at the Null’s Brawl server, enter them in the club chat. Commands must be entered with slashes along with words. When using a certain command, the necessary feature is applied instantly.