Null's Brawl 55.211 Update with Lily and Draco

Null’s Brawl 55.211 Update with Lily and Draco

The updated version of Null’s Brawl featuring new brawlers Lily and Draco is in full swing of development. New bugs have been discovered and old ones fixed, introducing new game features such as mutations and lots of new content.

This time, the update is taking a bit longer because it’s indeed a massive update. Two new brawlers have been added and a new type of brawler modifications through mutations is being introduced. For this, an egg and a new game mode are being introduced, and how to implement it on our server is still being decided. Perhaps a combat mode where players have mutations? There are many ideas to consider, and we are also waiting for your suggestions in the comments.

Null’s Brawl 55.211

Null's Brawl 55.211 with Lily & Draco

In the screenshot above, you can notice the work that has begun on the update. The new brawler Draco is adapting to our battles logic. An interesting brawler that deserves attention. Also, we are currently adapting Lily, who will be released in the updated version along with new skins and hypercharges.

Also, our team is constantly improving the game and finding bugs that the developers of the original game allow. For example, in the original version before the technical breaks, we found an error with Griff, who could deal 100 percent damage in close-range attacks. Miko had an issue with her ult being potentially infinite and accumulating just like that. Also, Tick’s mines could remain between rounds and deal damage upon an enemy’s appearance. Finally, native support for poison has been introduced, something we’ve been waiting for a long time and have implemented on the server.

What’s New?

  • New Mythic Brawler — Lily
  • New Legendary Brawler — Draco
  • Hypercharge skins and new regular skins
  • New titles and hypercharges
  • Fresh balance changes

As of now, the latest server version is 55.228 . As soon as the new version is released, you will be able to install it using the link above.

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  1. Vocês poderiam deixar apenas como um modificador o negócio do das mutações Além disso se puderem Vocês poderiam voltar com o modo cidade caótica antigo além de deixar o modo Godzilla permanente

  2. глеб про

    глеб про

  3. Hi nulls team, I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I would like to ask you three things: one if you could put the colored names of the pass, two if you can make the masteries a little easier to do

  4. Ειναι super!!!!

  5. When is the update releasing?

  6. Is fantastic!

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  8. Hi nulls team, you are working pretty hard, appreciate it! I would like to see the 100 player showdown game mode back please and also it would be very nice to have more freedom and more options to map maker(box in 3v3, more tiles and more modifiers!, and if possible I would like to see something like pressure plates and wall that can be opened with a timer (e.g. every 30 seconds
    ))! Thanks. And please don’t send anything to my email.

  9. I prefer the mutations to come normally, nothing like, I don’t know, a mode where brawlers have mutations EVEN IF IT TAKES A LONG TIME

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  15. when does the ios version come out?

  16. i installed nulls brawl today but i cant update can i update it?

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