Null’s Brawl with Kit, Mico, Larry & Lawrie (53.170)

Null’s Brawl with Kit, Mico, Larry & Lawrie (53.176)

The update for Null’s Brawl is very close. In this update, we introduce three new brawlers: Kit, Mico, and a unique dual character Larry & Lawrie.

Our developers are already working on the combat logic for each of them to ensure they fit perfectly into our server. But it’s not just new brawlers waiting for you in this update. We are implementing a number of innovations, including 5-on-5 game modes. New hypercharges are also added, promising to make the battles even more dynamic. All these novelties will appear in the updated version 53.176. In this update, you will also meet a new brawler, Mico. This mythical brawler will be available for free in the main version of the game, and we are sure that he will generate a lot of interest. Additionally, there will be the legendary brawler Kit with his unique fighting mechanics, which will be very interesting to get acquainted with. And unexpectedly for everyone, a new epic brawler will appear, representing two characters, but considered as one brawler. We will definitely adapt and add him to the game.

Work is also underway on new gadgets, gear, sprays, profile icons, and other gameplay improvements. All of this will appear in the game over time. Moreover, there will be a fresh balance change to make the game even more interesting.

The upcoming update will feature a new 22nd season “StarrToon Patch” where there will be changes in the Brawl Pass. In the main version, it will be paid, but with us, everything is absolutely free. The gifts will be as close as possible to those in the game, so you can open a lot of cool presents by the new year.

What’s new? 3 new brawlers: Kit, Mico, Larry & Lawrie New sprays and pins New 5-on-5 game modes New hypercharges New Brawl Pass Fresh balance change And much more.

Stay tuned! We will soon provide a link to the current version of the server for iOS and Android devices.

At the moment the current version of the server 55.228 , as soon as the new version is ready, you can download from the link above.

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