Update of Null’s Brawl v.15.169 (download/ get code)

Update of Null’s Brawl v.15.169 (download/ get code)

We are glad to announce that we managed to quickly update all data and release the Null’s Brawl server version 15.169.

This is the latest version of the client and the newer one does not exist yet. Our team has done a fair amount of effort and in a short time has updated the entire program code. Now we have a new interface, 3D graphics and other innovations. We also add all skins for each brawler step by step. And most importantly, we added 2 new brawlers, this is Leon and Gene. Each of them can be upgraded to the maximum level using accelerated commands. By the way, the list of commands has been added to the server and in the future we will add more. Perhaps they will be available only for premium players. But players that already have access to the server, will receive bonus privileges.

List of Changes in Null’s Brawl v.15.169:

  • Updated interface;
  • Added 3D graphics in battles;
  • Added new skins for all brawlers (we will soon add skins not available in the original version of the game);
  • Added 2 new brawlers Gene and Leon;
  • Added new commands;

At the moment, online battles are not available, but we are working on them. You can play in a friendly game, where all maps and all game modes are available (friendly game is available with bots only).

Download Null’s Brawl v.15.169:


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  1. Um i downloaded the latest version but i still Need the code what i Need to do cuz It should be free….

  2. Хай ! Хочу сондуков 10000 и кристаллы 10000

  3. Хочу сондуков 10000 кристаллы 10000

  4. Дайте приватный сервер

  5. I șanț acess to server pleaze

  6. Даниил

    Какой код вписать???

  7. Sachin Poudel

    I want the code please

  8. Hola amb dic nil

  9. Brawl stars

  10. Molto bello

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