[UPDATE] Null’s Brawl – Added 2 new skins and 2 new brawlers

We have prepared another cool Null’s Brawl update for you. Update is ready, download and try 2 new skins and 2 new brawlers for free.

We managed with the help of modders to add new skins for two fighters. Namely, for Bo and El Primo, this is a great change to the standard skins. Our team was able to create a new skin that does not look like the original one. New looks are very cool, so we urgently announce the update of our private server.

New skin: LEADER BO


This skin is created using the standard BO look. But we managed to change some parts of the clothes. Added a mask on the face and changed the main color of the skin.

New skin: Jey Primo

Jey Primo

This skin is in the image of the main character from the film – Friday. You may notice that a mask is added and the main appearance color is changed. Pay attention to his cool plaque.

New brawler: Hoverboard


  • Description: Cool dude who can float above water with his hoverboard!
  • Rarity:  Mythic;
  • Heal: 3400;
  • Attack: 320 (Fires fast);
  • Super: 700 (Boom!);

New Brawler: Animal


  • Description: Will protect the team and scares uninvited guests.
  • Rarity:  Epic;
  • Heal: 4800;
  • Attack: 300;
  • Super: 700;


  • Star power is available to all players, ordinary players can open out of the box (for a premium “/full”);
  • Developed the completion of the battle (soon multiplayer);
  • Developed a search for opponents (soon multiplayer);
  • Fixed the error “Code 1”;
  • Updated the part of the code that is responsible for the clan chat and data of the players’ battle (the clean history of chats and battles);
  • Added 2 new brawlers: Animal & Hoverboard;
  • Added 2 new skins: Leader Bo, Jey Primo;

Download Null’s Brawl

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