October updates to Null's Brawl on the server side

October updates to Null’s Brawl on the server side

In addition to client updates, there are periodic changes to the server. Collected in one list all the October updates on the server Null’s Brawl.

Recently managed to process the accumulated bugs and various bugs. And also the team Null’s always keeps track of messages from players. There have not been many problems recently, but important ones have been fixed and the server now works even better.

What’s new?

  • Increased to 200 friend requests and the ability to add up to 200 friends (previously it was 150 in total).
  • Fixed gadgets Buzz and made the latest balance changes.
  • Completely refined and added game mode Last Stand (it alternates with robocall, big game and boss fight).
  • When adding a friend will show from where (from the club or team).
  • After being kicked from the club, the player will not be able to return.
  • Improved selection of opponents, including in a power league.
  • Fixed bug on opening of combat data.
  • Fixed bug with icons in profile.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on “Play Again” could start a battle without an ally.
  • Fixed a bug with Otis second gadget.
  • Fixed bugs with Byron second gadget.
  • Fixed bugs with Sam and sprays.
  • Duel victories are now counted in the profile (in solo victories).
  • Super Buzz will now follow enemy movement
  • Super Otis will now deal damage correctly (3/4 times 510)
  • Fixed the VISION gear and now it shows all of the enemy to everyone after they take damage (previously only saw the attacker).
  • Also fixed flashing Health gear.
  • Fixed bug with visibility in the bushes, because of which some gadgets can not be used on the characters in the bushes (for example, the first gadget Piper).

Do not forget to send the found bugs in our social networks or for example under this post. Together with you the server will become a lot better, so if you find a bug, be sure to tell us.


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