Download Null's Brawl 40.150 with gear

Download Null’s Brawl 40.150 with gear

Another quick update to Null’s Brawl to version 40.150 with new abilities in the form of gear.

At the moment, partly implemented new equipment for brawlers, in the future will be improved. Also actively working on the league of clubs, or rather study it in detail. Particular attention was paid to the equipment, which in our opinion will be more interesting.

Null’s Brawl 40.150

Nulls Brawl 40.150

At this point, equipment has been added for all brawlers. To unlock equipment, you can unlock boxes and upgrade brawlers. Or you can use the box to upgrade all brawlers at once. In addition to equipment, new skins and new interface elements have been added.

Gear - Nulls Brawl

A new in-game currency “Scrap” has been added for manual improvements, they are available in unlimited quantities. As a result, you can choose up to 2 gear, which will allow you to accelerate a brawler or increase his health, for example. Such changes will greatly affect the game events, so will carefully monitor the balance.

New brawler selection interface

About the clubs, for the time being it was decided to leave the previous version, so their capacity is not limited to 30 players. About the leagues of clubs we will talk to you in a separate post and tell you all the details.

List of changes:

  • Added equipment
  • Added new levels of brawlers
  • Added Lola’s reload sound
  • Fixed the sound of Golden El Primo’s main attack
  • Minor changes to Nita’s visual effects
  • Minor changes to Jesse’s portrait
  • Fresh balance changes
  • Bug fixes for Meg
  • Fixed fight replays


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  2. Vous pouvez faire en sorte que se soit plus facile de télécharger null’s brawl sur IOS

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