Null's Braw with Buster (46.168)

Null’s Brawl with Buster (46.168)

Null’s Brawl with Buster update based on version 46.168.

One of the most interesting updates, as the game changes the structure of interaction with gears. But not our server, as gear will also be available for all and all rarities. There is also a new brawler, his name is Buster. An interesting character, which has not a standard technique of battle. We were able to adapt it to our logic of battle, so this brawler is difficult to distinguish from the official version.

Null’s Brawl with Buster

Nulls Brawl with Buster

The update is almost ready, namely the new brawler Buster has been added. He is a tough brawler who works as a movie mechanic and already knows all his favorite action movies by heart. He dreams of one day starring in his own action blockbuster. He has a cool attack mechanic that is adapted to our server. Also the gear has been redesigned, just like in the official version. In addition, added a new 15 season BP and new skins for some brawlers. Server version is available for both iOS and Android devices.

What’s new?

  • New chromatic brawler – Buster
  • Rework gear
  • New skins
  • New Environment
  • October balance change
  • Season 15 Brawl Pass (Ghost Station)
  • The rest you will see on the server


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  1. isaac frança da silva

    null brawl e e muito bom

  2. PLS Ipone domwload

  3. 中国Boy's brother

    A lot of Chinese who play this game. I’m stuck just like I am. You can’t get in at the game meeting.In the battle screen. Get stuck.Can the big boys solve this problem.My English is not good.Please forgive me

  4. Vreu sa imi instalez nulls brawl

  5. Ich Will es haben

  6. Очень отличная игра

  7. Je veux buster

  8. Aaron kasper

    Geht es nicht aber ich wollte ja ich wollte fragen könnt ihr es vielleicht auf mein Handy machen

  9. Sehr gut

  10. Nulls Brawl ist sehr gut und hilfreich

  11. DariusChifan

    Vrei sa joc

  12. Je veut le jeu

  13. I love the BRAWL STARS

  14. Nices spiel

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