Null's Brawl 50.221 with Doug and Cordelius

Null’s Brawl 50.221 with Doug and Cordelius

The Null’s Brawl update is on its way, and it brings with it some exciting innovations. We’re excited to introduce two new brawlers, Doug and Cordelius, who will join the familiar heroes. Get ready for the new strategies and combinations these brawlers will offer!

Season 19 of Brawl Pass brings us new game design and rewards in this update! We listened carefully to your wishes and are giving you the opportunity to get new rewards and unlock unique items, similar to the official BP.


It is important to note that server version 50.221 is for Android devices, while version 50.219 is available for iOS users. We paid special attention to circumventing the latest protection in the game, and now you can enjoy all the new features and balance on our private server.

We understand that the new brawlers have not yet appeared on the official server, and this may cause some difficulty in their implementation on our server. However, rest assured that we are constantly working on updates and bug fixes for all brawlers. We strive to give you the best gaming experience on our private server. For this reason, we have made the latest important balance changes.

In addition, we’ve added cool new skins so you can show off your style in the game. Allow yourself to reveal your personality and indulge in incredible exterior brawler changes for free.

We’re ready to share all these new features with you in the very near future. You can download the new version of Null’s Brawl by clicking the button below. Don’t miss your chance to dive into the exciting world of brawlers!

At the moment the current version of the server 55.228 , as soon as the new version is ready, you can download from the link above.

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  1. What time What Day? Update 50.221?

  2. What time What Day? Update 50.221 no nulls brawl?

  3. What Day,What time? Update 50.221 no nulls brawl?

  4. Where is the apk???? And when is it gonna ve released???

  5. Can you help I can’t install the new cordeluis update file

  6. Update nulls brawl 50.221 what Day,what time?

  7. Update nulls brawl 50.221?

  8. Update nulls brawl 50.221? What Day,What time?

  9. ich kann in das spiel nicht mehr rein

  10. Hey!
    So my problem is that when I download the game which I played some time ago and go to settings to trust it it shows Nulls Brawl Verified and when I want to play this thing I have a thing which says :
    Unable to verify app
    An internet connection is required to trust verify trust of the developer ( the name of it )
    The app will not be available until verified
    Even if I have good internet connection

  11. It’s greet!

  12. Nulls brawl fan :)

    Hi nulls brawl I can’t download nulls brawl I can but doesn’t download I want play it and my friend too 🙁

  13. Nulls brawl fan :)

    On iOS

  14. Nulls brawl fan

    Hi nulls brawl I can’t download nulls brawl on iOS I can but doesn’t download I want play it and my friend too 🙁 I love the game 🙁 🙁 🙁 I download on Friday:(

  15. En pysty lataamaan sovellusta

  16. perfect game!

  17. Why can’t I find the version for iOS as the version 50.221 on my iPhone can’t enter the game

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