Null's Brawl 49.194 with Hank and Maisie

Null’s Brawl 49.194 with Hank and Maisie

Greetings Brawlers! Exciting news for all Null’s Brawl players out there, as a new update has been released featuring two new brawlers: Hank and Maisie. This update is based on version 49.194 for Android devices and version 49.175 for iOS devices.

In addition to the new brawlers, this update also includes some changes to the way skins for brawlers can be obtained. Instead of being randomly dropped from Brawl Boxes, skins can now be purchased through promotions in the store. This change is sure to please many players who were struggling to collect all the skins they wanted.

But that’s not all – this update also brings three new pieces of gear and a catalog, giving players even more customization options for their brawlers. With so many gear options available, players can tailor their brawlers to their own unique playstyle.

It’s important to note that BS has been blocked in certain countries due to sanctions. However, if you are not in one of these countries, you can continue to play the game as normal.

Overall, the latest update to Null’s Brawl brings some exciting new content to the game, giving players even more reasons to keep brawling. So why wait? Get the update now and start brawling with Hank and Maisie!

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  2. Please make brawl stars update. It is making big trouble.

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  3. Hello nuls how can I play i saw in play store it wasnt there pls help me i want to play


    Pls download 😡😡😡😡

    • Nulls brawl fan

      Hi nulls brawl I can’t download the game I can but nulls brawl doesn’t install on iOS yes and I want play it but I can’t 🙁

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