Null's Brawl - 25.107 - update with new brawler Mr.P and new skins

Null’s Brawl 25.107 – update with new brawler Mr.P and new skins

Updating Null’s Brawl private server to version 25.107. Added a new brawler Mr. P, 6 new skins and game mode Hot Zone.

This update was not difficult for us. There are not many changes, so we were able to quickly update our server. We kept the old game modes that were removed from the official version of Brawl Stars. Also added a skin that will appear in the game on Valentine’s Day. We managed to save all the cards and game modes, go and play!

Null’s Brawl 25.107

Null's Brawl 25.107

Unlock all fighters using the box in the shop “Unlock all brawlers!”. When you open this box, all brawlers will unlock on your account. You can upgrade each brawlers manually, but the fastest way to do this is with the “/full” command. To do this, send this command in the chat of your club, the server will reboot and all the fighters will be upgraded.

All brawlers max level - Nulls Brawl 25.107

After improving the brawlers, we recommend that you try online battles. To do this, select for example Mr. P and go into battle. There you can fight with real players, just like in the official game.

Online battles on server Nulls Brawl

Do not forget to try new skins, as they open for all brawlers.

6 new skins in Nulls Brawl 25.107

Changes to Null’s Brwal 25.107:

  • Added a new background and soundtrack in honor of the lunar new year;
  • Added a new skins: Street Ninja Tara, Agent P, Cupid Piper, Heroine Bibi, Koala Nita and Virus 8-bit;
  • Added new game mode: Hot Zone;
  • Added new brawlers: Mr. P;
  • Update interface;
  • Did not delete the game mode: Takedown and Lonestar;

Download Null’s Brawl 25.107

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