Download Null’s Brawl with Meg (38.111)

The fastest update to Null’s Brawl with the new legendary brawler Meg! Client version 38.111, mandatory update, so download the new version and install it.

This time it took our team a minimum amount of time to upgrade the server to the new client. This is all thanks to the self-written battle logic, which previously slowed us down a lot. When the work on the 50 brawlers was done in advance, adding one can now be much faster. Introducing the new brawler Meg, which you can get in crates or you can unlock with the quick upgrade and upgrade feature through the store. Also, check out what we did before this update in this post.

Null’s Brawl with Meg (38.11)

Null's Brawl Meg v.38.111

New skins have also been added and the fighting logic for Meg has been implemented. In addition, all new content has been added, including pins, sounds, and other not-so-visible changes. The only thing left for us now is to develop a random skin, which is not working at the moment. In the near future, we will finalize and its readiness will report on social media.

Change List:

  • New brawler: Meg.
  • New skins: Gladiator Colette and V8-BIT
  • New pins added
  • Fixed account linking to Vkontakte
  • Some interface changes
  • Balance change
  • And other minor improvements


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  1. Is it possible if you can add Power League to Null’s brawl????

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