Download Null's Brawl v.19.111 - July Update with New Skins and Brawler

Download Null’s Brawl v.19.111 – July Update with New Skins and Brawler

We are pleased to announce that we have finished upgrading the private Null’s Brawl server to version 19.111. The links are updated for downloading and installing the latest server version. We made you wait for a reason, because we needed to update a large amount of code. After all, we could release the update in a hurry, where it would not work online and would have a lot of errors. We decided to take a different way as we normally do. We managed to save online bits and even improve them, now there are more open battles.

Tick on the Null’s Brawl 19.111 server

Nulls Brawl 19.111

With the release of a new Brawl Stars version, a new brawler was added – Tick. But fortunately this brawler is not as rare as the legendary ones. Thus, it is very easy to get him, reaching only 4 000 trophies. But if you still haven’t reached this number, you will be able to play him on our server at the highest level already.

New skins - Nulls Brawl 19.111

New skins are already available for all brawlers, you only have to choose them. Also, we have not forgotten about the modified skins, which were previously added for some brawlers.

List of changes in Null’s Brawl 19.111:

  • Updated the Null’s Brawl server to version 19.111;
  • Added new skins for brawlers (available to all);
  • Added new maps for game modes;
  • Updated the store design;
  • Added new brawler – Tick;
  • Improved online battles, increased stability;
  • Added new star powers (all are already available, unlike the usual Brawl Stars);
  • Small improvements;

Download Null’s Brawl 19.111

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