Download Null's Brawl 24.150 - added a new brawlers Max & Bea and skins

Download Null’s Brawl 24.150 – added a new brawlers Max & Bea and skins

Updated private server Null’s Brawl to version 24.150. Added Max and Bea, as well as pirate skins and much more.

The first server in the world with online battles. The world’s first online battles server has been updated to the latest version. We skipped the previous version with Brown $ Friends skins, since there was little new content. After the December update, we immediately started to work.

Null’s Brawl 24.150

Nulls Brawl 24.150

Added new brawlers, you can get them from the boxes. There is also a faster opportunity to open Max and Bea, using the command “/unlock”.

Nulls Brawl 24.150 max level

For quick upgrade, use the command “/full”. Teams need to be entered in the club chat. After opening all the brawlers, all skins will be available to you.

New skins on the Nulls Brawl 24.150

Changes to Null’s Brawl 24.150:

  • Add new brawlers – Max and Bea;
  • Add new skins: Brown $ Friends, pirate skins and Ricochet;
  • Add new game mode: Present Plunder;
  • Add New Environment: Darryl’s Ship;
  • add new maps;
  • and more;

Download Null’s Brawl 24.150

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