Added Titles and Mastery to Null's Brawl 48.304

Added Titles and Mastery to Null’s Brawl 48.304

Greetings to all fans of Null’s servers! I want to share great news for everyone who plays on the private server Null’s Brawl. After a short maintenance break, we are happy to announce that we have implemented titles and matery on the server. This means that you can now progress …

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Before Null's Brawl update with Meg (38.111)

Before Null’s Brawl update with Meg (38.111)

Hello everyone, if you’re subscribed to our social media, you’re probably aware of all the innovations. But it’s also worth mentioning them on the site so people know what’s going on inside the Null’s Brawl server itself before the update with Meg.

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