Before Null's Brawl update with Meg (38.111)

Before Null’s Brawl update with Meg (38.111)

Hello everyone, if you’re subscribed to our social media, you’re probably aware of all the innovations. But it’s also worth mentioning them on the site so people know what’s going on inside the Null’s Brawl server itself before the update with Meg.

This time the update of the main version of Brawl was minor, the updates are not significant. They added one fighter and 2 new skins, which are not so difficult to add. The only thing you need to spend time on the implementation of Meg’s combat mechanics, her star powers and gadget. That’s what the Null’s team is doing right now! But before this update, a lot of work was done on bugs, as well as repeated innovations.

Null’s Brawl with Meg (38.111)

Nulls Brawl 38.111 with Meg

A few words about the new version and its implementation, which will not take much time. The game’s client has already been fully explored, saw the new chips, which for now will not be implemented. We will have to wait for the next update on the official server. Added new skins and made adjustments to the old, for example, added new sounds for Pam. And also familiarized with the function of automatic selection of a skin for a fighter, which is very relevant to Null’s Brawl. After all, where but on this server, you will see all the skins, and now they will be randomly selected. All of this is within the next week, if no additional problems arise.

What was done before the update?

Brawl Pass – Null's Brawl

Let’s go with trumps, they added the ability to get rewards with Brawl Pass. Yes, it’s not a full-fledged implementation of seasonal rewards, but now you can at least get them. Rewards are approximated in the normal game, if there are comments, you can write about them in the comments. After each re-entry rewards will be reset and you can get them again.

New loading screen on Null's Brawl

The new loading screen, which will also be added to the new version (38.111) with Meg. Evaluate another cool job, fall mode so to speak.

Showdown+ and Volley Brawl on Nulls Brawl

Implemented and added 2 new game modes “Showdown+” and “Volley Brawl”. In connection with this changed the rotation of modes in slots, added 2 additional slots. This was made specifically for single modes and 2 slots with new modes. Also made some important changes in Volley Brawl mode and fixed all the problems with wrong ball behavior.

And other changes:

  • Clan login request will now not be deleted when rejected or accepted.
  • Vkontakte API version has been updated, this is needed to link the account to the Vkontakte page.
  • Now the role of the head will be transferred to the senior, if this did not happen.
  • Improved the selection of opponents.
  • Added Gale second gadget, the Twister.
  • Fixed the behavior of Carl gadget or Collette star power when pushing back.
  • Removed the variation of the “Play Again” button appearing if there are the same brawlers in the team.
  • Fixed textures at mode slots.
  • Fixed bots trying to go through walls.
  • Fixes with super STU.
  • Now destroys shards, and also resets the second gadget when pushing off or teleporting.
  • Fixed the boss health bug in Boss Fight mode.
  • Added Stu second gadget Breakthrough.
  • Fixed Bebe attacks in battles.
  • Fixed the ball’s behavior when breaking walls.
  • Penny’s first star power “Balls of Fire” should now aim at enemies.
  • Added additional modifiers for Collision and Interception.
  • Fixed Squeak super attack.

Download the latest version you can always in our Telegram channel or from our website. At the moment you can download the current version from the link below.


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