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Null’s Brawl v.18.104 – added Bibi, skins and more [UPDATE]

We are glad to inform that our server, Null’s Brawl, has been updated to the latest client version 18.104. We added new brawler Bibi, new skins, maps and more.

In a short period of time, we managed to update the server and add all the new things. Most importantly, we added a new epic brawler – Bibi. As official statistics says, less than 50% of Brawl Stars got this brawler. Thus, many want to play this brawler and we are happy to offer this opportunity.

Bibi on the Null’s Brawl server

Bibi on the Null’s Brawl server

If you are wondering why use our server, if you can test Bibi in the original Brawl Stars? We will answer that on our server, you can play a new brawler in a friendly game and sometimes in online battles. Perhaps you have already noticed that we periodically turn on multiplayer on certain modes. But not always, since we are still testing and in case of many battles, the machine server is heavily loaded. In any case, you can test Bibi at the maximum level at us.

New skins

New skins

These are new skins not yet available in the original game version. But on Null’s Brawl server, you can use any skin. We have also our own skins, we described them in the previous update.

List of Null’s Brawl 18.104 updates:

  • Updated server version to 18.104;
  • Added a new brawler – Bibi;
  • Added new skins: Road Rage Carl, Bakesale Barley, Maple Barley, Hot Rod Brock;
  • Saved own-designed skins for Bo and El Primo;
  • Adapted speeded up commands;
  • Added new gaming environment – Retropolis;
  • Updated balance of brawlers;
  • Minor improvements;

Download Null’s Brawl 18.104

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