Null’s Brawl 56.250 Update with Berry and Clancy

Null’s Brawl 56.274 Update with Berry and Clancy

Great news for our Null’s Brawl server fans: the update to version 56.250 featuring two new brawlers is just around the corner.

This update is indeed significant: we’ve added a host of new appearances, introduced a classic mode, revamped old brawlers, and much more. Specifically, we considered whether to make similar changes for brawlers like Frank, given the interesting balance. Ultimately, we decided to keep everything as in the original, as following a uniform balance is simpler. It also took time to adapt the brawlers Berry and Clancy, who will appear in the game earlier than anywhere else.

Null’s Brawl 56.250


The only thing we didn’t have to work on in the new version are the mega boxes, as we didn’t remove them. You can always open them in the store if you haven’t already. For the classic mode, we developed new game modes: Mirror Match, Drum Roll, and an additional Paint Brawl. If we don’t release them with the update, expect them very soon.

New classic skins have been added to the server, old ones have been updated, and cool new looks from the 28th season “Gods vs Monsters” and the 29th “Paint Brawl” have been introduced. If you can’t find skins for the brawlers, it means you haven’t unlocked them yet. You can do this easily by going to the store and activating the corresponding promotion.

The server also introduces a new epic brawler, Berry, who has been fully adapted to our combat logic and can use all star powers and gadgets. He’s a very interesting character and will likely receive a new balance soon. We haven’t forgotten about the second mythic brawler, Clancy, a character with a combat mechanic similar to Volt, who has also been adapted for the Null’s server.

What’s new?

  • 2 new brawlers: Berry and Clancy
  • New skins
  • Revamped brawlers: Frank, Meg, and Chester
  • New game modes
  • New hypercharges
  • Mega boxes?

As of now, the latest server version is 56.274 . As soon as the new version is released, you will be able to install it using the link above.

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