June Maintenance Break on Null's Brawl (2022)

June Maintenance Break on Null’s Brawl (2022)

According to today’s reality, private servers must be upgraded in favor of upgrading the main Null’s Brawl servers.

Following these trends, our Null’s Brawl server receives constantly important changes. Initially, we tried to only release updates in the new client. But after conducting several votes on social networks, such as our telegraph channel. We came to the conclusion that minor changes in the game are also important on the private server. Now you can notice that the updates are much more frequent than before.

June Maintenance Break

  • Full implementation of gear: Vision
  • New game mode Bot Drop
  • Fixed a bug in the Big Game, when you could always see the position of the boss.
  • In siege, bolts will appear based on map data, not randomly.
  • Recent balance changes have been introduced.

These changes will be introduced without a technical break on the server side. But we will also have to introduce important changes, which will be made on the night of June 18 to 19 and you should not notice it. After the technical break, the map rotation will be introduced Bot Drop and Defending the King.

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