Improvements on the Null's Brawl server before the upgrade with Ash

Improvements on the Null’s Brawl server before the upgrade with Ash

The Null’s Team has been working hard on the servers for the past 2 months, where they’ve been making improvements almost every day. So, what’s new there?

Before introducing the new combat logic, an incredible amount of work was done. Rewritten virtually all the code and implemented almost all the functionality of the game. The list is very long, so be prepared to study what has been added.

List of changes on the server Null’s Brawl:

  • Implemented:
    • Energy Drink;
    • Evil Robot;
    • Meteor shower;
    • Added replays, works if one of the brawlers has 500 trophies.
    • Storage of replay fights at the moment: 3 days;
    • Added ability to silence chat in friendly rooms;
    • In recommendations of clans, will show more active clans;
    • Now if all players are offline in a friendly room, it will exist another 5 minutes and only then will be removed (previously: 30 seconds)
    • Added an option to disable accepting friend requests;
    • Now if a player cannot be added as a friend, the reason will be written;
    • Added some hidden environments for custom maps;
    • New player picking: the server will try to pick opponents according to your cups, and if you wait a long time will gradually increase the maximum allowable difference in cups;
    • Bosses logic has been implemented (Interception and Robocast modes were returned to the server)
      • Difficulty level is chosen randomly, it will be changed later;
      • Boss Fighting will be added later;
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed decrease in treatment effectiveness (Crow poison, Byron passive).
    • Implemented 8-bit brawler enhancement effect;
    • Fixed visibility of Buzz circle when opponents couldn’t see it in some cases;
    • Fixed Gene first passive;
    • Fixed Leon clone’s ulta and passive icon display;
    • Fixed Crow second passive on robots in the training cave;
    • Fixed Carl second gadget working if he’s under shield or invulnerability;
    • Fixed Buzz ulta accumulation before the start of the match;
    • Fixed bug 8-bit with second gadget dealing double damage (though only the first bullet should);
    • Fixed display of Byron hit and other effects of prolonged hit.
    • Fixed display of immunity to damage.
    • Fixed the slowing of the brawler in “Hold the Trophy” mode;
    • Fixes in Knockout mode:
      • Fixed poison work;
      • Fixed hanging at the end of a fight when there was a draw;
    • Edgar damage enhancement in Big Game
    • Fixed animation of some falling effects (Colonel Ruffs super, meteorite);
    • Fixed first star Colonel Ruffs;
    • Fixed the ability to suggest team events;
    • Fixed a critical bug that caused the client to crash in some cases
    • If you are the only person in a friendly game, its replay will not be recorded;
    • Fixed a bug that the boss was doing damage to his minions;
    • Fixed a bug that Penny first star power wouldn’t work if you rearrange the mortar;
    • Fixed Bea and Colonel Ruffs gadget attack patterns;
    • Turret in Siege now attacks invisible characters as well;
    • Ball and derrill will now not bounce off the wall that has just been destroyed;
    • Fixed a bug that could cause custom maps not to save;
  • Implemented second gadgets:
    • Lou – Cryo syrup;
    • Mr. P – Porter Reinforcements;
    • Stu – Breakout;
    • Colonel Ruffs – Air Support;
    • Griff – Piggy Bank;
    • Edgar – Hardcore;
  • Star Powers Realized:
    • Emz – Bad Karma and Hype;
    • Griff – Business Resilience;

In addition to improvements and bug fixes, the Null’s Team managed to run a video clip right on the game’s map. As the basis was taken the famous clip Bad Apple, and what came out, you can see in the video below.

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